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Application Notes:

International students with high school diplomas are eligible to apply for undergraduate study at NUK; with bachelor degree for graduate study in Master programs at NUK; and with Master degree for graduate study in Ph.D. programs at NUK.(Applicants of Myanmar-Chinese are limited to apply for graduate programs.)

One applicant may apply for more than one department/ institute, but, once admitted, has to enroll in only one program.


Should the documents submitted found to be forged, fraudulent or altered, the academic backgrounds be illegitimately qualified, or any violation of the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan be made, the student’s admission or student status will be immediately revoked and his/her degree certificate will not be issued.


Applications made after the deadline will not be accepted. Applicants should be responsible for the delay of application due to incomplete forms.


Foreign students who graduate from a school for foreigners located in R.O.C.(Taiwan). or from a bilingual division (program) affiliated with a senior high school in R.O.C.(Taiwan). may use the graduation certificate to apply for admission to NUK.


The applicant should be proficient in four Chinese language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and will be required to take the Chinese Literature course offered by the General Education Center after enrollment. Those who are unable to keep up with regular course work because of inadequate Chinese skills can take Chinese language lessons in the Language Center.

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The applicant may submit Taiwan Scholarship to a designated Taiwan overseas mission, in the country of the applicant’s citizenship, from February 1st until the end of March of each year. These Taiwan overseas missions will be responsible for the selection of recipients; other scholarships are also available under cultural cooperation agreements or academic exchange programs.

NUK also offers a limited number of scholarships or assistantships for well-qualified international students. Recipients of the scholarships or assistantships should not receive any other scholarships or assistantships from Taiwan’s government or enterprises.

Each academic year in Taiwan begins on August 1 and ends on July 31 of the   following year. The first semester courses usually begin in September and the second semester courses will begin in February of the following calendar year. Upon registration, new students must submit a proof of insurance which includes both medical and accident for a period of at least six months starting from the date of your arrival. This proof of insurance needs to be authenticated by Taiwan, R.O.C. representative office.


Instructions of NUK Physical Exam for International Students

1. According to the MOE (Ministry of Education), all incoming students (including Master and Ph.D. programs) should have a student physical exam.

Students (including Master and Ph.D. programs) , who do not have the student physical exam in their home country, could have it on campus during the registration period(pay by cash only). Students missed the date can bring the “NUK Student Generalized Medical Record” to have a checkup in hospitals outside of the university and hand it back to the university health center. (The Record needs to be turn in within 3 months after the arrival date.)


For those who have taken the exam in their home country, should submit the physical exam report and the vaccination report for German measles to the university health center on campus. (The physical exam within 3 months up to the arrival date is acceptable. Chest X-ray is required. If the exam was taken in students' home country or a foreign country, a copy of the report authenticated by a representative office of the R.O.C.(Taiwan) is required.)


When applying for student visaFS, international students must submit an original copy of medical examination report (including HIV Antibody test) to Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


It costs about NT$2000-2500 to complete the student physical exam and the medical examination for visa in Taiwan.

6.. Special instructions:

(1)Fasting at least for 6-8 hours is indicated for laboratory tests.
(2)Please inform the doctor if you are pregnant. (You are allowed to skip the CXR exam when you are pregnant.)
(3) Please avoid checking your urine in the menstruation period.

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