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Library and Information Center(LIC)

The LIC, opened in August, 2000, combines library services, computing systems, and multimedia resources to provide online access and digital information to our staff and students. It is also open to the local community, hoping to create a life-long learning environment.

Opening Hours
Time During Semester Summer and Winter Break Remark
Classification Mon-Fri Sat-Sun Mon-Sat Sun Closed
Library Library 08:00-22:00 08:00-17:00 08:00-17:00 Closed
Audio-Visual Area 08:30-21:30 08:30-16:30 08:30-16:30 Closed
Self-Study Area 08:00-22:00 08:00-17:00 Closed
Library Building
08:00-22:00 08:00-17:00 08:00-17:00 Closed
College of
Engineering (104)
08:00-17:00   Closed

Library Services
Open Shelves
Our current students and staff with a valid IC card may get into the library. ILCA (InterLibrary Cooperation Association) users with a valid inter-library card can also access the library. People with a valid photo ID can exchange it for a temporary card to enter the library.
All items on open shelves can be used.
All items can only be used within the library except those that can be checked out.
Items can be checked out by using the self-help machines or at the Help Desk.
Books can be returned during staffed hours. During unstaffed periods, please return books to the Book Drop Box on the second floor.
Book request, renewal, and personal library record search can be made online.
Overdue notices and collection of books requested are sent by email. For users without a NUK email account, please update your email address online or at the Help Desk.
Overdue fine charge is NT$ 5 per book per day (payment at the Help Desk during staffed hours).

■ Borrowing items
Borrower Max. Number of Books/Material Borrow Period Renew Period
Full-time Students 30 30 days 60 days
Staff 30 30 days 60 days
Faculty Members and Researchers 30 60 days 120 days
Alumni 5 30 days NA
Guests Designated by NUK 15 30 days 60 days
Part-time Students 15 30 days NA
ILCA Members Subject to agreement
Family Members of Staff and Faculty 15 30 days NA
Recommendations for books and periodicals which may facilitate learning, teaching, and research are welcome.
The LIC welcomes donation of books and items. Boxes and pickup service are provided.
Inter-Library Service
Periodical copying and item borrowing
The LIC has signed inter-library agreements with 20+ universities and colleges, including National Sun Yat-Sen University and National Cheng-Kung University.
Audio-Visual Materials and Facilities
The materials stored in the audio-visual area is opened to all users (used in the area only). This area is divided into material collection, individual learning (64 seats), multi-media (24 seats), and databases (6 seats). There are also 3 multi-functional rooms for group use (1 with 28 seats, and the others with 14 each).
Guided tours for guests, new students, staff and faculty
Library cataloguing, CD/DVD, and online database
Course Collection: Items may be reserved for display at the Course Collection area
3 seminar rooms (for group use)
3 multi-functional rooms (for group use)
Internet Access
Campus Internet connection: One high-speed at 400 Megabits/second link to TANET; one ADSL link at 1.5 Megabits/second to HiNet. The campus network connects all buildings via a high-speed fiber optical infrastructure at a speed of 1 Gigabits/second. The campus wireless network covers all teaching buildings, outdoor areas from the west of the track field, the student dormitory, and the Sports, Health, and Leisure Center.
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