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Chinese Language Center

Chinese Language Center was established on August 1, 2005 to provide Chinese language courses to international students and foreigners. It aims to provide:
  Chinese language related courses to international students via exchange programs
  Tutorial and advising services for international students
  Teacher training for Chinese language teaching as a foreign language
  Taiwanese and Hakka language courses in the future

The Center offers two programs to meet the various language needs of individuals: Chinese as a Foreign Language Program and Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language Program. While presenting foreign students with natural conversational language, idiomatic expressions, and communication skills, the Center also aims to develop their understanding of culture and society. Classes are small, and participants have an opportunity to interact with one another as they learn the language and culture. Field trips and social events are planned throughout the course to help students develop friendships and increase their cultural awareness.

Currently, the Chinese Language as a Foreign Language Program provides basic courses which are divided into three different levels (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced). The Program offers a balanced emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, focusing on reading and writing at the advanced level. For those who want to familiarize themselves with modern Chinese language usage, some special courses such as Media Chinese, Business Chinese, Computing and Writing Chinese are designed to develop their confidence and fluency through systematic language activities. Lab activities and computer technology are incorporated to expand foreign students’ learning experiences.

The Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language Program offers short-term intensive training for those who want to teach Chinese to non-Chinese speaking students. Courses include Chinese linguistics, teaching methodology, multimedia teaching, course design, language ability assessment, etc.

By enhancing foreigners’ Chinese language skills and assisting them in transitioning more easily into Taiwanese society, the Center hopes to contribute in creating a more global academic environment at the University through various international cultural exchanges.

Courses Offered
Classes are small or one-to-one teaching.
Mandarin Chinese (GWO-YU) offers elementary, intermediate, and advanced level classes. The program offers a balanced emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, focusing on reading and writing at the advanced level.

General Course
Elementary Chinese: basic sentence structure and grammar, basic pronunciation, and basic conversation.
Intermediate Chinese: daily conversation training, short essay reading and writing.
Advanced Chinese: advanced level reading and writing.

Practical Courses
Media Chinese:
Articles and material selected from newspaper, TV, magazines, and radio stations are used to enhance the listening, reading, speaking, and writing ability.
Business Chinese:
Business letters and practical Chinese conversation are included. Computing and Writing in Chinese classes are provided to learn Chinese editing and computer operations, Chinese writing using Word, Excel.
Basic Chinese Writing: Basic essay structure and paragraphs are included.

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