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The “Advanced Business Incubation Center” (ABIC) was established in 1993, aiming to promote economy and industries in Taiwan, and to provide technical and managerial expertise for southern Taiwan industries in need of innovation, upgrading and globalization. ABIC is aimed to construct an efficient network of advanced business through alliances of entrepreneurial companies to incubate early-stage technologies from lab to the marketplace.

ABIC Profile
Excellent Geographical Location
ABIC is located at an extremely advantageous geographical position at the center of the second technology corridor in Taiwan. It is close to Nanzi Industry Export Zone and Southern Taiwan Science Park, and is connected to highways, high-speed rail, and the metropolitan subway system. In addition, Kaohsiung Harbor and Kaohsiung International Airport are close within a 30 minute drive.
Outstanding Faculty and Research Projects
NUK has 5 colleges, with approximately 214 faculty members specialized in a wide range subjects, such as environmental technology, biotechnology, economics and laws, electronics, and semiconductors.
Versatile Vocational Training Courses
ABIC offers a series of extensive training courses of technical, managerial, and legal affairs for the success in business and technology development. The courses cover semiconductor technology, IC packaging, optoelectronics, legal consultant, and patents laws, etc. ABIC aims to help innovative enterprises in products development, technology innovation, marketing, and globalization as well. Targets are focused on:
Nano technologies and its applications on green industry such as non-Cr coating for metal surfaces treatment, high temperature coating by nano material, etc.
Bio-technologies and genetic engineering for medicare pharmacy, element extraction, gene identification of plants, etc.
Semiconductor and communication technologies for wireless wide band network, digital mobile communication system, multimedia network system, and RFID applications.
Innovative business of arts studio of traditional crafts art works, stone caving, tin casting, and public exhibition art works.

Consultant in Research and Technology
  1. Consultation or research project with our dedicate faculty in the campus.
  2. Technology transferring.
  3. Market development and evaluation.
Assistance in Business Development
  1. Marketing and core technology identification.
  2. Product and company strategic planning.
  3. Market promotion and venture seminars.
Assistance in Operations and Administration
  1. Office space and administrative support.
  2. Business, marketing, sales, innovative technology information.
  3. Applications for residence in science parks.
Assistance in Applying Government Resources
  1. Quality assurance promotion.
  2. Assistance in government funding applications for new product and new technology including SBIR.
  3. Assistance in financial planning and application for venture capital.
  4. Assistance in IPO oration and consultation.
Facilities Resources
  1. Administrative resources, office facilities, etc.
  2. Conference rooms, research studio, exhibit gallery, computer frailties, etc.
  3. Research lab and equipments for early-stage development and testing.
RoHS Testing Lab
  1. Professional testing for toxic materials.
  2. Product analysis for green products.
  3. Other product testing and evaluation.

► Founded in Oct. 2002. 10 companies have successfully completed courses.
► 16 SBIR projects approved with a total found of NT$12,551,000.
► NT$277.6 million increase of the total capital contributes by companies of ABIC.
► NT$14.7 million subsidize funding to the ABIC’s companies from government organizations.
► 13 patent and 23 technologies transfer achieved.

► Tel: 886-7-591-9580~3
► Fax: 886-7-591-9018
► Website:
► Address: 700, Kaohsiung University Rd., Nanzih District, 81148. Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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