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Undergraduate Program
2-year Program
Master Degree Program
In-service Master Program
Ph.D. Degree Program
Development Characteristics
The Institute is a complete graduate institute, offering M.S. and Ph.D. programs. In addition to fundamental theoretical statistics courses, students are encouraged to take courses in industrial statistics, financial statistics, and biostatistics. These three areas of statistics are considered the forefront of the field, and their theories and applications are worthy of research and study.
Industrial Statistics
Statistical researchers have successfully promoted the use of industrial statistics in Taiwan for many years. Researchers have laid the foundation for the practice of statistical concepts and methods, such as product design, quality control and manufacturing and inspection assurance. These practices have helped Taiwanese industries implement product warranty, monitoring and inspection processes that meet international standards.
Financial Statistics
In the past twenty years, the financial sector has experienced a significant change in its investment processes, due to new computational techniques and methods. Today, international financial institutions increase their competitive strength, using these computational and technical innovations. These computational methods integrate techniques from applied mathematics, probability and statistics, computer science, and economics. The fiscal theories contained in these methods are used to solve common financial questions like product warranty assessment, investment compound structure, risk management, and case simulation.
Biostatistics plays an important role in public health and medical sciences. With the growth of computer power, it is necessary and interesting to develop new techniques and methods for analyzing large and complex biological data set. Our focus is to use existing methods, or to develop new analysis methods to solve questions in the study of biology, medicine, pharmacology, epidemiology, and environmental medicine.

Our course offers featured seminars and discussion of publications. Distinguished scholars are invited to present their research, and students orally present one topic at the end of each semester. Additionally, we offer theory and applied statistics courses to nurture students with a balance of theory and practice. The Institute also provides training in written and oral skills.

Postgraduate Opportunities
Career Opportunities
Graduates have access to various job opportunities in academics, information systems, computer science, electronic engineering, finance, insurance, consulting, government statistics and auditing, and research centers.
Courses Offered
■ Compulsory Courses
Master   Ph.D.
►Seminar (1)(2) ► Seminar (1)(2)

■ Elective Courses
Master Ph.D.

► Fundamental Statistics
► Mathematical Statistics
► Regression Analysis
► Probability Theory
► Experimental Design
► Statistical Simulation
► Nonparametric Statistics Analysis
► Statistical Computing
► Stochastic Processes
► Measure Theory
► Sampling Techniques
► Time Series Analysis
► Stochastic Financial Model
► Martingale Theory
► Introduction to Statistical Genetics
► Credit Risk Analysis
► Financial Econometrics
► Survival Analysis
► Statistical Consultant
► Topics in Sampling Techniques
► Reliability Analysis
► Large Sample Theory
► Biostatistics
► Financial Theory
► Independent Study in Independent Component Analysis
► Independent Study in Statistical Computing

► Advanced Probability
► Statistical Inference
► Multivariate Analysis
► Applied Probability Models
► Linear Models
► Independent Component Analysis
► Distribution Theory
► Stochastic Analysis (1)(2)
► Discrete Data Analysis
► Statistical Quality Control
► Advanced Survival Analysis
► Advanced Experimental Design
► Advanced Stochastic Processes
► Advanced Time Series Analysis
► Machine Learning
► Topics in Stochastic Processes
► Independent Study in Stochastic Processes
► Independent Study in Survival Analysis
► Independent Study in Investment Analysis
► Statistical Consultant
► Independent Study in Experimental Design
► Independent Study in Fixed Income Securities
► Independent Study in Value at Risk Analysis

  Master Program: The Institute of Statistics confers the degree of Master of Science in Statistics. Usually it takes two years to complete a minimum of 32 credits.
  Ph.D Program: The Institute of Statistics offers programs leading to a Ph.D. in statistics. To be a Ph.D. candidate, a student is required to pass qualifying examinations. A Ph.D. is awarded to a candidate with a minimum of 20 credits as well as a Ph.D. thesis.
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