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Department of Traditional Crafts and Creative Design
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Development Characteristics
Our department primarily focuses on the study of artistic features in Taiwan, stresses on the development of traditional carving, and nurtures trained talents for craft design. As for the taught courses, we not solely pursue innovation and vitality to anticipate a new era of craft, but also grow a great diversity of creations on the basis of traditional arts. We aim for originating a brand-new thought as well as breaking through the current restraints in the sphere of craft design.

Teaching of Integration and Application
We systematically integrate regional resources of art and culture with the succession of traditional craft.
Teaching of Practice and Innovation
We emphasize the combination of both academics and arts, looking for the possibility of innovation from tradition.
Teaching of Inter-Field
We expect to establish a link between diverse fields, to cultivate the humanities accomplishment of students and to broaden the horizons of their eyes.
Teaching of Regionalization and Internalization
Our short-term goal is to hold artistic activities, such as photography, metal forging, Chiao Chin Ceramic, basic stone carving and wood carving, to interact with the community, and further to interest students in creating through various materials. We also anticipate boosting our traditional art and culture worldwide in the future.
To nurture professional talents of design
Learn how to apply the knowledge of traditional craft materials in an innovative way.
To develop multi-functional skills
Based on the studio courses, students acquire sufficient skills of two studios or above.

Postgraduate Opportunities
Advanced Degree Study Career Opportunities
The graduate school of Art Culture related administrators
The graduate school of Design Personal artistic studio owners
The graduate school of Craft Fine arts designers and engineers
The graduate school of Communication Arts and crafts designers
The graduate school of Education Professional arts instructors


Future Outlook
The Department will establish a graduate degree program(Master of Arts degree) as well as the College of Fine Arts in the future.

Globalization and regionalization
Promote the cultural and arts environment in southern Taiwan
Inter-discipline cooperation across the University.
Provide arts workshops and exhibits, digitized arts training and courses.

Courses Offered

■ Compulsory Courses
Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior
► Basic Design (1)(2)
► Basic Drawing (1)(2)
► Basic Sculpture (1)(2)
► Introduction to Arts and Design
► Design Media
► Ergonomic
► Color Theory and Harmony
► Principle of Plastic Art
► Creative Design (1)(2)
► Computer Aid Design
► History of Chinese Traditional Craf (1)(2)
► Study of Auspicious Sign
► Psychology of Art and Environment
► Design Methodology
► Creative Design (3)(4)
► Multimedia
► Traditional Craft Fild-Work (1)(2)
► Design and Marketing

► Creative Design (5)(6)
► Course of Design Practice

■ Elective Courses
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Computer Graphic Design
Graphics and Perspective
Design Drawing
Photography and Image
Stone Carving (1)(2)
The Art of Chinese Traditional
Bamboo Carving (1)(2)
Relief (1)(2)
Basic of Metal Smith
Image Aesthetics and History
of Photography
Design Rule
Digital Graph Design
Landscape and Environment Art
Design of Tin Craft
Photography's Concept and
Universal Design
Formulation of Culture and Space
Construction of Digital Art
Technology of Expression
Digital Compilation of Multimedia
Aesthetics (1)(2)
The Art of Taiwan Original
Inhabitants (1)(2)
Introduction to Traditional
Architecture (1)(2)
Traditional Colored Drawing
History of Western Art and
History of Modern Design
Design of Web Page
Landscape Oecology
Decoration and Application
of Traditional Furniture (1)(2)
ntroduction to Environment Science
Design of Multi-Material and Jewelry
Basic Photography of Lighting
and Still life
Color Program of Produce
Digital Interactive Design
Intermediate Photography
of Lighting and Still Life
Design of Culture Produce
Digital Archive
Paraffin Sculpt and Metal Foundry
Plastic Material Practice (1)(2)
Overview of Contemporary Art
Culture and Art Administration
Art and Copyright

Applies to class of 101 and later.
Minimum number of credits for graduation: 128; departmental required credits: 64; departmental elective credits: 8; elective credits: 24; university required credits: 8; general education credits: 24.
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